Vardenafil tablet

A sudden drop in pressure of blood could cause you to get faint, dizzy, or have a stroke or heart attack. Sit up or stand slowly, particularly in the morning. Hot weather, alcohol, exercise, or fever can enlarge these effects. You should sit or lie down at the first indications of any of these disagreeable effects. Buy vardenafil!

Patients with heart problems who take Vardenafil 20mg may be at increased risk for heart-related by-effects, including stroke or heart attack.

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Vardenafil 20mg may rarely cause a prolonged as well as painful erection (priapism). This could befall even when you aren’t having sex. If this is not treated straightway, it could lead to constant sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction. If you get an erection of the penis which lasts more than 4 hours, you must get medical help straightway.

Although uncommon, Vardenafil 20mg may cause mild, temporary changes of vision (for example, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, a blue/green color tint to vision). Counsel from your doctor if changes of vision are severe or persist.

Vardenafil 20 mg is not for women and for children 18 years are younger. Do not take Vardenafil 20mg  if you have been told by the personal health care specialist not to have sexual activity because of an ill health. Don’t use this drug if you have already had a heart attack as well as have heart disease. Do not take Vardenafil 20mg if you are allergic reaction to it or any of its components.

Vardenafil 20mg

  1. Do not take Vardenafil 20mg if you are taking medical products called nitrates. Nitrates include isosorbidemononitrate, nitroglycerin, and isosorbidedinitrate.
  2. Do not take Vardenafil 20mg  if you have uncontrolled high blood pressure, low blood pressure, severe liver or kidney problems (comprising the need for dialysis) and certain hereditary eye problems (retinitis pigmentosa).

Tell your doctor about all over-the-counter, prescription, and herbal medications you are using before beginning treatment with Vardenafil 20mg.  As well, talk to your doctor about your full medical history, particularly if you have heart problems such as angina, irregular heartbeat, heart failure,or have had a stroke or heart attack.

Your doctor should know if you have a malformed penis shape and if you have had an erection of the penis, which lasted more than 4 hours. As well, tell the personal health care specialist if you have any eye problems. Other diseases that you should discuss with your doctor comprise blood, bleeding, kidney, and liver problems; stomach ulcers; low blood pressure; and high blood pressure.

Depending on your condition and medical history, the personal health care specialist may prescribe a various regimen. Don’t change the dosage and stop taking Vardenafil without your doctor’s approval.

Men who have liver impairment or who are more senior 65 years should start with a daily dosage of 5mg.

Take one Vardenafil pill about 1 hour before your sexual activity. Some form of sexual stimulation is necessity for an erection to happen with Vardenafil drug. Vardenafil tablet may be taken with as well as without food. Do not take Vardenafil more often than once a day, or as instructed by your doctor.

Do not use Vardenafil 20mg with medical product containing nitrates. As well, medicines called alpha-blockers that are sometimes prescribed for high blood pressure or prostate problems may cause problems when they are used with Vardenafil 20mg. Taking both medicines can lower blood pressure considerably and may lead to fainting. You should counsel from your doctor if alpha-blockers or other medicinal agents that lower pressure of blood are prescribed to you by another doctor.

It is not necessary drive or performs other probable unsafe tasks till you know how you react to Vardenafil drug; this medical product may cause drowsiness, dizziness, blurred vision or fainting. These consequences can be even worse if you use Vardenafil 20mg with alcohol or certain medicines.

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